My goal is to link to various resources which might interest those on an Irish, Scottish, or Manx Polytheist warrior path(s).  This will include actual resources about Gaelic Polytheist Warriors but also will include pointing to source material for Gaelic Polytheism basics that aren’t specifically warrior path and warrior things which might not be specifically Gaelic.

I was inspired to do this by the Guide to Gaelic Polytheism website, however (except for ending up opting for the same them, as it’s the one I found to best display links to the pages here), this website is not on that level.  The Guide not only offers links to other resources, but also a growing body of original work. At this point I do not feel I have anything original to offer here and I have not yet found anyone who is interested in working on it. Those who have material on this path are already putting it out, I’m just trying to be another gateway to their work as well as to other less specific resource.  I am not connected to those working on the Guide to GP, but rather have found it quite useful.

Please consider submitting suggestions here if you have any for any of the lists I am building.  I should note that I will automatically ignore any suggestions which are racist, homophobic, transphobic, promote cruelty to animals, or the like.  Thank you!